A dynamic and federating logo

In tune with a globalisation of the way health is handled and also with an internationalisation of the companies, and because there are an increasing number of interactions in order to cope with a more complex environment, the SIMV has re-worked its logo so that its image matches the reality of its mission.

More than a mere modernisation of the preceding logo, this new graphic creation expresses:

  • The position of the SIMV as a common denominator at the core of a large number of interactions, like a sector that is a leader in research and that is looking to the future.
  • The benefit of veterinary diagnostics and medicines both for animals and for humans.
  • The will to be part of the “One Health” initiative.

Therefore, this new logo captures the essence of the SIMV while also embodying its vocation as a servant to health.

A distinct, unique and contemporary image defined by a logo that is doubly symbolic:

  • Symbolic of DNA: the SIMV embodies our industry that acts at global level. The SIMV interacts with its members in a complex environment. At the center of a blue sphere reminding us of the planet, and surrounded by animals, the human being is stylised and represented by the double helix of DNA. The DNA represents the common denominator that SIMV embodies for the companies, an association at the core of the interactions and the needs, and the reference expertise in the field.
  • Symbolic of the Earth: humans and animals are evocative of the concept of “One Health”. The human being, situated at the core of the animal-human-ecosystem interface reflects this concept to which the SIMV is contributing by creating a favourable ecosystem. Animals and also humans are thus at the center of the concerns of the SIMV and of its actions.

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