The focuses

Defending the portfolio

This involves firstly safeguarding the existing portfolio by reducing the financial impact of updating marketing authorisations as well as inflated legal constraints, while also taking into account the risk/benefit balance from pharmacovigilance. In addition, it involves securing a technical and regulatory environment that is favourable while complying with the regulatory obligations in order to facilitate marketing of new products so as to constitute the future portfolio.

Making the veterinary medicine sector safer and more secure

Making the sector safer and more secure concerns all of the stages of marketing and distribution but it also involves improved knowledge of the requirements that veterinary medicines have to satisfy before they can be marketed.

Ethical development of the market

This involves the following:

  • on the medical level, improving the medical treatment of a given animal population, preventing diseases, and preserving human health;
  • on the ethical level, acting on pain and stress in animals; and
  • on the economic level, generating consultations and customer loyalty by demonstrating that veterinary medicines are investments that are cost effective for the various sectors.


In order to secure competitiveness for veterinary medicine companies, the SIMV needs to be up to date with and involved in the latest regulatory developments, and needs to define governance that highlights the issues for employment, training, preserving the industrial fabric, developing exports and research and development activities in France.

Promoting the industry and its innovations

The context of economic recession places the industry as a “bringer” of solutions that are “economical”, be it:

  • both in terms of the costs of health crises;
  • and also as an economic model.

The benefits of veterinary medicines and reagents, products, and trades constitute added value. 

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