Our missions

The trades of the SIMV are based on 6 key missions covering all of the members’ needs and enabling us to form the standard to which the entire profession works:

  • Federating the manufacturers whose job is to discover, develop, produce, and market medicines and reagents for companion animals and for farm animals, by bringing those manufacturers together around joint and common projects.
  • Anticipating, in order to propose collective strategies in response to the expectations of society (strategy watch).
  • Advising/training/informing its members in its fields of action through a team made up of 8 permanent members of staff and also through a network of experts from its manufacturers. The SIMV is a collective vehicle for communications through the media or partner organisations.
  • Being watchful to ensure that its members keep their commitments, in particular in matters of professional conduct (Guide to good practices in communications, commercial practices, and training on veterinary medicines),
  • Representing the positions of its members in its decision-making environment.

At national level: the SIMV is the contact for the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), and for the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products (ANMV), it is taking part in the Plan Ecoantibio 2017 (France’s plan to reduce the use of veterinary antibiotics) and it sits on the French pharmaceutical board (conseil supérieur de la pharmacie). The SIMV is a member of the French Federation of Health Industries (FEFIS), a member of the “UNION” which brings together 4 trade unions who have signed our collective bargaining agreement, a member of the FARRE Forum, contributing to the development of integrated farming, and a member of RESEDA, the French network of professionals for the safety and health security of food of animal origin.

In addition, the SIMV works with ANSES and INRA (French Institute for Agricultural Research) to lead the French Network for Animal Health (Réseau Français pour la Santé Animale), a group mirroring the European platform. Finally, the SIMV is a member of various networks dedicated to public-private partnerships, specialised in animal health, such as Hippolia, and in global health such as ARIIS (Alliance for Research and Innovation in the Health Industries):

-At European level, the SIMV sits on the Board of Directors of the European branch of the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH Europe) and in the association of European Manufacturers of Veterinary Diagnostics (EMVD).

-At international level, the SIMV is a member of the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH), and is a member of France Vétérinaire International (FVI), and of the Association for the development of International Trade in Agri-Food Produce and Techniques (ADEPTA).

Le SIMV est membre de